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Winter can be a trying time for homes and businesses, but there are ways to make it more comfortable. If you notice any problems with your heating system before they become serious issues (like losing power), contact us today! We have put together this list of examples so that everyone in Fresno knows what exactly they should look out for when their heaters aren’t working properly. Also, how easy fixing these errors could save them money on energy bills as well as provide warmth throughout cold months ahead!

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Heating repairs are important to keep your family safe in cold weather. Don’t hesitate – call J’s Heating and Cooling for Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance for all of those HVAC needs you may have!


The heater might be causing you some problems, but it’s not the only thing making life at home difficult. Sounds and odors from your heating system can also give clues about what needs to be fixed. Don’t ignore these symptoms even if they seem minor because then more serious issues may develop due inactivity. A loud operational noise could indicate an issue with either pipes or motor; strange smells coming out of vents hinting air ducts need cleaning.


We all know how expensive heating bills can be, but if you notice that even when there isn’t any real change in your daily habits and use of heaters to cook meals or keep homes warm-the price may spike it could mean something’s wrong. Let us evaluate the situation so we don’t let damage get worse than necessary!


Heating your entire home can be challenging, but if you notice that some rooms in the house seem warmer than others it could mean there’s a problem with how warm these areas get. If steamy heat is coming from under doorways or around windows then chances are good something isn’t working right – maybe even damage to one of two things most likely involved: ductwork and fans! A professional technician will know what needs fixing without delay so give us call today before this gets worse.

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