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The first time you turn on your furnace, it might be an unpleasant experience. The smell of burning socks is not something that many people want in their home for more than a couple hours at most – especially if there’s no heat! Here are some reasons why this happens and what can be done about them so we don’t have any future “smelly” nights or days ahead…

burning smell


The most common reason you might be smelling this is because of burning dust during warm seasons. This should go away within an hour or two, but if it continues longer than that then check your air filter!


The burning smell of electricity is not something to ignore. If you experience it, there could be an issue with your wiring that will require professional help and a qualified electrician can take care of this for you quickly so don’t worry! The only time we would recommend calling in another individual besides one from our company would be if their repairs seem unnecessary or too costly – these types often charge extra just because they’re going into someone else’s home as opposed ours where we offer competitive rates..


You may be experiencing a musty, burning smell after turning on your heater. This could happen if there is an object lodged in the air ducts that’s stopping all airflow and causing it to reek more like plastic or rubber getting burnt instead of heat being produced by electricity going into things properly plus escaping through proper ventilation channels so you’ll want check these out first before calling someone else!

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