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It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing colors. It’s a great opportunity to prepare your home for winter by implementing some energy-saving tactics without breaking out in hives from spending too much money, so scroll down below this article about ways you can do it yourself at minimal cost or even free depending on what resources you have available near you right now…

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Install Storm Doors & Windows: 

Install storm doors and windows to protect your house from the cold air outside. You’ll save up 50% on energy bills!

Replace Drafty Windows: 

Energy Star certified windows can be a major player in reducing your energy costs. They have been shown to reduce up 12% of an individual’s electricity bill just by being installed! Not only do these eco-friendly products help the environment while saving you money on utility bills, but they also last much longer than regular glass – sometimes even decades without needing any repairs or replacements at all? That means less time spent replacing old fixtures; more free hours exploring what else this new technology.

Seal Air Leaks:

When you are done burning the wood in your fireplace, be sure to close all of those pesky leaks around windows and doors while they’re closed. You might also want to look at replacing worn out weather stripping on doors or chimney damper latches if any exist; these things can let air escape when we aren’t paying attention!

Seal Entrances For Plumbing:

Neatly seal all the plumbing and piping entrances around sinks, bathtubs or showers to prevent cold air from leaking in. Silicone caulking can be used for any gaps that you may have so no more drafts spoil your relaxing time at home!

Add Foam Gaskets For Electrical Outlets & Light Switches:

With the cold winter months coming up, make sure you add foam gaskets under electrical outlets and light switches to stop cold air from coming into your house.

Shut Doors & Close Vents: 

The best way to save energy when not in use is by keeping doors and vents closed. This will help out during cold months because there’s less heat needed!

Add a Humidifier & Plants: 

There are plenty of ways to keep your skin from drying out. One way is by adding a humidifier, which will help maintain the temperature in rooms more effectively and even add moisture with plants that you may have around!

Lower The Thermostat: 

Lowering the thermostat to 68 degrees when you are home and lowering it even more during sleep can save up 10% on energy bills.

Lower Water Heater Thermostat:

Lowering your water heater’s thermostat to 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit during the fall and winter can save you 5%-10% on energy costs. If that isn’t enough, add an insulation blanket for even more savings!

Replace Filters:

The efficiency of your furnace and HVAC system can be improved with the replacement or cleaning out outdated filters. A clean filter will save up 5% on energy costs, which could add thousands over time in savings!

Insulation Check: 

Insulation in the attic is an important factor that can keep your home warm. Make sure you have at least 6-7 inches of thick, insulating material above roof line to avoid cold spots and drafts down below!

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